Church Officers For 2018-2019

Church Board: Barry Adams, Rick Bowden, Donna Morris, Cindy Knudsen

Sunday School Board: Shayna Howell, Erin Smiley, Sharon Winstead

NMI President: Barbara Adams

SDMI President: Brenda Bowden

NYI President: Andre Smiley

Please be in prayer for all the new leader through out the year and the decisions that they will be making.

Upcoming Events

Bible Study: The men and women will be meeting on March 20th, at the Koontz’s home for Bible study at 7 pm. All are welcome to come and join. Ladies have you remembered your homework.

Ladies Bible Study: Will be taking a brief break for the next couple of months. Stay tuned for when we resume.

Easter Egg Hunt: Will be Sunday March 25th, following the morning service. Lunch will be included. All our children (6th grade and under) and their friends are invited to join us for a fun time of celebration. Parents are invited to join us too! If anyone else is willing to volunteer to help, let Cindy Knudsen know.

Holy Week: Pastor Marlene Law has received permission from City Hall in Rocky Mount to use their plaza during Holy Week, March 26-30. She will be presenting 3 hymns every day at noon. Please pray for this event that Jesus would be glorified, and someone would be saved. If you want to come one day, your support would be appreciated.

Seder Dinner: You can still sign up for the Seder dinner for March 30th by filling out the yellow hand out in your bulletin and placing in the offering plate. We plan to begin at 6:30. You will be contacted to bring food items to help provide the meal.

Newly Elected Officers: Please pray for these servants of God to lead us according to His will.

Revival is Coming: April 22-25th we will be having Bob & Jennifer Wilkerson with us. Please be in pray for this upcoming event.

Church Officers

On Sunday, March 12, we had our elections for the 2017-2018 church year.  The following were elected:

Church Board: Barry Adams, Cindy Knudsen, Greg Howell, Lyndsay Lasher, Buster Jones, Donna Morris.

NMI President: Barbara Adams

SDMI Chairman (Sunday School Supt.): Brenda Bowden

SDMI Council (Sunday School Board):  David Burke, Tammy Eby, Shayna Howell, Cindy Knudsen, Kay Leonard.

Delegates to District Assembly:  Greg Howell, Shayna Howell, Buster Jones, Erin Smiley.