About Us

What to Expect 

            First of all, don’t worry about how you’re dressed. You’ll fit in whether you’re in shorts, jeans, slacks, a suit or a dress. We come together how we feel comfortable, so you should be comfortable as you join us.

Our main entrances into the building our on side of our building next to the playground and field. When you come to the door expect a friendly, welcoming environment. We want to make you feel right at home on your first visit.

Our Children’s Ministry is a safe, fun and engaging environment for your children where they can go for an adventure each week. All our Children’s Ministry team members are background checked and trained to provide the best experience your kids can have on a Sunday morning.

Our Sunday morning services are a fun, energetic, and enjoyable time for you to sing, clap, laugh, and listen to a biblical based message. You will hear a practical and challenging but encouraging message each week. The message of Jesus Christ is a message of Hope. It’s our prayer that each week God will show you that following Jesus will make your life better and make you better at life.

We look forward to seeing you at Rocky Mount Church of the Nazarene!