Who Are The Nazarenes

Nazarenes are just ordinary people made up of all different backgrounds, yet who in the tradition of the Augustine, Luther, Wesley, Moody, and millions of others have discovered the joy of a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are excited about what God has done for us. Many of our lives have been changed dramatically by Him. We have discovered that we all need forgiveness and that Jesus died to forgive us all! We rejoice in the new life that He has given us.

As Nazarenes, we do not claim to be the only true church of Christ. We are, however, proud of our holiness heritage, and we praise God for a denomination that boldly proclaims a message of full salvation. We have found great victory through the ministry of this church and we are proud to wear the name Nazarene.

The name Nazarene was chosen because it “symbolized the toiling, lowly mission of Christ.” This name was used in derision of Him by His enemies. This name above all others linked Him to the great toiling, struggling, sorrowing heart of the world. It is Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, to whom the world in its misery and despair turns, that it may have hope.”

When Nazarenes gather for worship, the music is spirited, the friendship warm, the preaching practical, and the service informal. An occasional “amen” may even punctuate the meeting (“amen” is church talk for “yes I agree”). All Nazarene services are planned to be God-honoring and people-oriented.