Becoming a Member

We welcome everyone who desires to worship with us. All services and activities are open both to persons who are official members of this church and those who are not.

For those who find themselves in agreement with the beliefs of our church, have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, and would desire to officially recognize our church as their church home there is official church membership. We believe that church membership is important. It is the means by which people not only identify themselves with us, but they also commit to share responsibility for the ministry God has given to us as a church.

If you would like to become an official member of this church, we ask first that you attend our services for a time, during which you can both learn more about us and seek the mind of the Lord concerning your relationship with us. As you come to understand who we are and what we believe and desire to unite yourself with us you are encouraged to contact the pastor, and he will arrange an appointment with you to discuss more completely our doctrines and practices. This appointment does not mean you must become a member. It is simply to supply you with information so that you can make an intelligent spiritual decision concerning church membership.