Upcoming Events

Parsonage Cleaning and Removal: On Monday, July 9th, we will need everyone who has furniture at the parsonage to come and remove it. We will be also doing some sprucing up of the parsonage before the Starkey’s arrive. It all begins at 7 pm. All men and women are welcome to come and help.

Ladies Bible Study: Ladies Bible study is cancelled for Tuesday, July 10th, but will resume our study on Galatians on Tuesday, July 24th.

Unloaders Needed: On Tuesday, July 10th, the Starkey’s will be arriving in Rocky Mount. We need some volunteers to come out and help with unloading the moving van. We do not know the exact time of the arrival so please let Brenda Bowden know you are willing to serve so she can contact you with the time.

Special Speaker: We will have a special missionary service on Wed., July 11th at 6:30 pm. Joe and Beth Heath are currently serving in Africa. They will be sharing with us that Wed. night. We will share a potluck dinner together that evening. This is a kick off service to Faith Promise and receive our pledges. Please bring your food, drinks, and desserts to church Wed. July 11th at 6:30, and let’s enjoy the Heath’s and fellowship together.

Cup Stacking: Kids are welcome on Sunday, July 15, following the morning service. The kids will stay for lunch and then learn the fun sport of Cup Stacking. For questions talk to Cindy Knudsen.

Sunday Fellowship: We will be having 5th Sunday Fellowship on July 29th, following the Installation service of Rev. Starkey. Service starts at 6:00 pm. So, bring heavy heavy-d’oeuvre’s, salads, finger foods, desserts, and drinks enough to share with your family and others. The Green Coast Mission area churches have been invited so please bring extra food to share.